E-Mail Tip

E-Mail Tip

I just thought I'd give you guys a good tip about e-mail. It seems a lot of people like to use a Hotmail or ISP (eg. Telus) account for their e-mail but the problem is what happens if you switch ISPs, then your e-mail address no longer works and old friends might not be able to contact you. The same thing has happened for excite.com e-mail addresses where they just shut down.

Whether you are a business owner or personal user can you afford to lose an e-mail address you have had for several years? What would the impact be on custoemers, friends etc....

There is actually a very, simple and cheap solution that puts you in control of your e-mail destiny.

Simply purchase a domain name ( yourname.com or whatever you like). Many domain registrars (places that allow you buy domain names) give you free e-mail forwarding or aliases. This means you can create yourname@yourname.com and have it go to your Hotmail or Telus account for example.

How does that help? As long as you register your domain once a year this e-mail address will always work forever!

The only thing you need to make sure is your FROM and REPLY addresses have been changed to yourname@yourname.com, that's all you need to change and it will appear to people that you are e-mailing from yourname@yourname.com no matter if you're using Hotmail, Telus etc...

This way you will have an e-mail address you can guarantee will always be around and working no matter what service you use!


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