Norton Antivirus is the worst - who would have known?

Norton Antivirus is the worst - who would have known?

Check the link above, that review site lists Norton as one of the ones to stay away from. With good reason too, I always wondered why Norton seemed to miss so many viruses, spyware and such. Even when it didn't, it was absolutely useless because it was either unable to delete the file and it was never able to repair or disinfect.

So in essence, from my experience, Norton AV is not even a real antivirus product! After seeing Kaspersky's great review and Panda as well, I have since tried both products and I can say they are better in everyway! They work and they take up a lot less of your precious resources. My computer feels like it's on steroids without Norton :).

Spread the word, the only reason I was not affected by a trojan is because I caught it when Norton didn't because a strange program scvhost.exe (not svchost.exe a valid system process) was trying to access IRC!

I just thought I'd give you all the heads up.


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