Sipura / Linksys PAP/VOIP/SIP Adapter Issue Can't receiving incoming phone calls and you're behind a NAT router (99% of people)? solution

Sipura / Linksys PAP/VOIP/SIP Adapter Issue

Can't receiving incoming phone calls and you're behind a NAT router (99% of people)?

  • 1. Login to the adapter.
  • 2. Click on "Advanced" (location varies but usually somewhere on top)
  • 2. Click on "SIP"
  • 3. Scroll down to "NAT" (usually at the bottom).

You'll find 2 columns with 4 rows of drop-down boxes (they're probably all set to no and this is your problem).

Set the first 3 rows in both columns to Yes.


Handle VIA received: yes
Insert VIA received: yes
Substitute VIA Addr: yes
STUN Enable: no
Handle VIA report: yes
Insert VIA rport: yes
Send Resp to Src Port.: yes
STUN Test Enable: no

Save the settings and after that you should be able to receive phone calls.


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