get_printer_attrs: resource name '/printers/printers' no good! - cups error

This is what the /var/log/cups/error.log says after my Samsung CLP-310N decided to stop printing.  This is a new printer that replaced my CLP-300 and it has been working for a day so far.

What happened is that I lifted the top part (not realizing there were rollers on it) and it stopped printing. The network activity light was flashing ,hitting the stop button didn't do anything.  Even powering the printer on and off did not help.

I have restarted CUPS and SMB on the server with no different results.  I just keep getting the same error "get_printer_attrs: resource name '/printers/printers' no good! "


*Update this error is common and was not the cause of my printing problem.  I paused the printer in Windows during my troubleshooting which is why even powering the printer down did not help.  I'm sure a powercycle would have fixed my stupid mistake of opening the top to make more space for paper that gets printed out :)


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