[code:1:a7050277b7]title FreeBSD 6.0
root (hd0,2,a)
kernel /boot/loader[/code:1:a7050277b7]

Just insert the above code into GRUB's [b:a7050277b7]menu.lst[/b:a7050277b7] and make sure you set the root path correctly.

[quote:a7050277b7]Let's quickly explain what the root (hd0,2,a) means:

*hd0 stands for the primary master drive
*2 stands for partition 3
*a stands for the first slice on partition 3 (slices are specific to BSD filesystems only)[/quote:a7050277b7]

Adjust the root path according to your partition scheme.

Here's a more detailed tutorial:


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