LVM How-To Activate and Access Volumes/Data

vgchange -ay
  3 logical volume(s) in volume group "vg_12" now active


  inactive          '/dev/vg_12/lv_root' [144.04 GB] inherit
  inactive          '/dev/vg_12/lv_home' [1.00 GB] inherit
  inactive          '/dev/vg_12/lv_swap' [7.85 GB] inherit

  PV /dev/sdc2   VG vg_12   lvm2 [152.89 GB / 0    free]
  Total: 1 [152.89 GB] / in use: 1 [152.89 GB] / in no VG: 0 [0   ]

mount /dev/mapper/vg_12-lv_root /mnt/12/


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