bash script kill whois or other command that is running for too long

Adjust to suit your needs.  Currently this would kill any whois process running for more than 30 seconds or more than 1 minute.

Add it as a cronjob.  The motivation is that some commands have no timeout and just end up using up CPU and memory for no reason while never exiting to free resources.


IFS=$(echo -en "\n\b")
for pid in `ps aux|grep whois`; do

    echo "pid=::$pid::"
    id=`echo "$pid"|awk '{print $2}'`
     echo "id=$id"
    runningseconds=`echo "$pid"|awk '{print $10}'|cut -f 2 -d ":"`
    runningminutes=`echo "$pid"|awk '{print $10}'|cut -f 1 -d ":"`

    echo "running seconds=$runningseconds"

    if [ $runningseconds -gt 30 ] || [ $runningminutes -gt 1 ]; then
        echo "seconds running is greater than 30 or minutes greater than 1"
        echo "kill -9 $id"
        kill -9 $id



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