rhythmbox & ecryptfs segfault crash

It seems nearly anything can make rhythmbox crash, I've always found it buggy.

This crash seems to be something related to ecryptfs but it's hard to say.  After re-opening rhythmbox so it sits in the Gnome panel/tray, and letting it load/find all of my songs let's it work again.  If I show it too soon (I wait 10-15 minutes for everything to scan first) then it will crash over and over.

[171938.995645] ecryptfs_read_and_validate_header_region: Error reading header region; rc = [-4]
[172093.798666] ecryptfs_read_and_validate_header_region: Error reading header region; rc = [-4]
[172115.621410] rhythmbox[22266]: segfault at 3a6e7773 ip b4c036c7 sp b0207e90 error 4 in libgvfscommon.so.0.0.0[b4bf9000+14000]
[172115.621466] ecryptfs_read_and_validate_header_region: Error reading header region; rc = [-4]
[172136.867625] rhythmbox[22321]: segfault at 3 ip b6824a04 sp aed7ec18 error 4 in libc-2.11.1.so[b67b7000+153000]


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