cPanel how to force reinstall rpms and fix packages and other problems caused by updates or duplicate rpms

<p>If a service is not working and resetting it to defaults is not working and you get bizarre error messages it is probably a broken update and possibly duplicate package.</p> <p>Take in this case &quot;exim&quot; not working even after resetting to defaults.</p> <p><strong>Check for duplicates:</strong><code><br /> </code></p> <p><code>rpm -aq|grep exim<br /> </code></p> <p><code>exim-4.82-5.cp1136 exim-4.82-4.cp1136 </code></p> <p><strong>Remove the duplicates</strong><code><br /> </code><code>rpm -e --nodeps --justdb exim-4.82-5.cp1136 <br /> rpm -e --nodeps --justdb exim-4.82-4.cp1136 </code></p> <pre wrap=""><strong>Force cPanel to reinstall exim (it will find exim is now missing and reinstall it):</strong> </pre> <pre wrap=""><code>/scripts/check_cpanel_rpms --fix</code> </pre> <pre wrap=""><strong>Autofixer/duplicate remover</strong> (not recommended unless all else fails) </pre> <pre wrap=""><code>/scripts/autorepair fix_duplicate_cpanel_rpms</code></pre>

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