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If you have du, you may want to check your bill, as you can read about a longstanding issue with fraudulent charges showing up and many users claiming they did not subscribe or solicit those offers. 

These don't normally show up on new accounts, but they seem to target established users and maybe even users they suspect are not watching their phone or bills, while they are on vacation.

These charges can frighteningly happen with 0 interaction from the user despite what du will say.




Have you noticed strange charges to your bill even though you didn't have your phone on at the time of the supposed charges and subscriptions?



To du's credit, they normally reverse the charges if you complain, especially if you offer proof that you didn't click any links or send an SMS to authorize the billing.


Login to du and then check your plan and "VAS" and make sure you are not subscribed to any services that you didn't authorize:


check du for fraudulent VAS subscriptions


Be warned that even though VAS may show no subscriptions, you can and will still be impossibly charged for subscriptions that you haven't subscribed to.



Be vigilant, even if du tells you that everything has been canceled and refunded, I have found that this is normally NOT the case and will require followups, so be sure to take screenshots and then complain to the TDRA.


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