Ubuntu Mint Debian Howto Execute Command / Script / Program Upon Wakeup From Sleep

Sometimes manual intervention on various Linux system's, including Debian, is required to fix things after waking up from sleep.

One persistent issue is the sound system / pulseaudio needing to be reset and not working until you do that after waking up.  It's not clear if it's an OS issue itself or the sound driver, but this will fix things.

Where do we put scripts or commands that need to be used upon wakeup automatically?


Any scripts placed there are executed automatically.

An example wakeup script is below and is created in the system-sleep directory mentioned above:


case "$1" in
        /usr/bin/pulseaudio -k

*Be sure the script has +x so it can be executed.


The best way is above, it will make sure it is "post sleep", and only then will the script be executed.  In the above example it just runs "pulseaudio -k" to kill, which restarts pulseaudio and get the sound working.  You can modify the base script to execute whatever command you need.


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