CPanel Link to all of the command line options

<p>CPanel says you can access 98% of the functions through CLI which experienced Unix/Linux admins prefer for simplicity and for scripting.&nbsp; I've never found CPanel easy to use from the admin panel, it seems everything is hard to find and a simple task becomes a series of hunts.</p> <p>So for people like me here's the list: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Remember to invoke all scripts like this:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>/scripts/scriptname</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <dl class="cl-scripts"><dt>easyapache</dt><dd>This powerful script allows you to compile, upgrade, and re-install Apache, PHP, and various modules. EasyApache makes it simple to compile Apache and PHP modules.</dd><dt>check_cpanel_rpms</dt><dd>The check_cpanel_rpms script validates cPanel-managed RPMs and provides a way to reinstall these RPMs if they have been altered.</dd><dt>*up</dt><dd> The *up script is used to manually update the various services on your cPanel &amp; WHM server using various forms such as mysqlup, phpup and eximup. Although you can configure your services to update with cPanel, *up can be used for finer control.</dd><dt>restartsrv_*</dt><dd>The restartsrv_* script can be used to manually restart the various services on your cPanel server. This is the recommended method for restarting services through SSH.</dd><dt>addpop</dt><dd>The addpop script can be used to add email addresses through SSH. Through interactive prompts, addpop will create the new address and set the email address password under the proper user account.</dd><dt>delpop</dt><dd>The delpop scripts can be used to remove email accounts through SSH. Similar to the addpop script, delpop will remove the email address from the proper account.</dd><dt>wwwacct</dt><dd>The wwwacct script can be used to create accounts for your cPanel &amp; WHM server. We&rsquo;ve designed this script to allow you define common parameters used for account creation.</dd><dt>killacct</dt><dd>The killacct script can be used in similar fashion as the wwwacct script to automate removal of accounts.</dd><dt>restorepkg</dt><dd>The restorepkg script can be used to manually restore an account from backup.</dd><dt>cpbackup</dt><dd>When using cPanel &amp; WHM&rsquo;s legacy backup system the cpbackup script can be used to manually trigger system wide backups.</dd><dt>pkgacct</dt><dd>The pkgacct script is used within the cpbackup script and can be manually executed to create account specific backups.</dd><dt>upcp</dt><dd>The upcp script can be used to trigger the update process on your server. You can also configure whether you want server software and the OS updated by the upcp script.</dd><dt>setupmailserver</dt><dd>The setupmailserver script allows you to switch between courier and dovecot, or disable POP3 and IMAP functionality altogether.</dd><dt>setupftpserver</dt><dd>The setupftpserver script allows you to switch between pure-ftpd and proftpd, or disable ftp functionality altogether.</dd><dt>setupnameserver</dt><dd>The setupnameserver script allows you to switch between bind, mydns, and nsd, or disable nameserver functions altogether.</dd><dt>suspendacct</dt><dd>The suspendacct script can be used to automate suspension of accounts on your cPanel &amp; WHM server.</dd><dt>unsuspendacct</dt><dd>The unsuspendacct script can be used to automate unsuspension of accounts on your cPanel &amp; WHM server.</dd><dt>restartsrv_*</dt><dd>The restartsrv family of scripts can be used to restart various services on your cPanel &amp; WHM server, such as Apache, Exim and Dovecot. For administration using the command line, this is the preferred method for restarting services. For a complete list please consult our <a href="" target="_blank">documentation</a>. Included are: </dd></dl> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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